14 awesome ideas with balloons:

  1. Put the balloon on the stick to place it in the bigger one. Inflate these balloons, so you`ll
    have the small inflated ball in the big one.
  2. Take the paper cup, cut off the bottom. Tie the neck of the balloon, cut off the "bottom" of
    the balloon. Put the balloon on the cup, instead of the cut bottom. Put the ball in the cup. The
    hand-maid slingshot is ready!
  3. Mix the starch and water, pour it in the balloon. Tie the balloon. It will support your
    hand while you work at the computer.
  4. Fill balloons with water, freeze them. You can use them to keep beverages cold, by
    placing them in one container.
  5. Fill a balloon with confetti, inflate it. You`ll receive a confetti rain, when you burst the
  6. Pour vinegar to a bottle, pour soda into a balloon. Put this balloon on the bottle. Soda
    will react with vinegar, and the balloon will be inflated.
  7. Inflate a balloon, tie a ribbon with congratulations to it. Put the balloon into the box.
    Original greetings are ready.
  8. Cut off a balloon bottom. Put it on a cardboard tube. Fasten it with a scotch tape. Wrap
    the tube with a beautiful wrapper. Pour confetti into the tube. The flapper is ready.
  9. To make an original gift you should put a gift together with confetti in a balloon. Put the
    balloon in the box. Fix a decorate toothpick under the lid of the box to burst the balloon.
  10. Wrap the balloon with a sticky tape so you can play with it, like with a ball.
  11. Blow air out of a balloon, in the same time fixing it at a top of an open can instead of a
  12. Cut off a balloon neck and put the rest of the balloon on a bottom of a glass to prevent it
    from sliding.
  13. Cut a bottom of a balloon and put the balloon on the water tap to make it easier to wash
    the sink not splashing water.
  14. Fill a balloon with toothpaste. Tie the balloon and put it into the net. You can amuse
    yourself by squeezing it.

Some interesting facts:

— You can pierce a balloon through slowly and it will not burst. But if you prick it – it will
— If you touch a ball with a paper clip – it will burst. But you can put it and pin down to the
several paper clips without damaging it.
— If you bring a balloon to the fire – it will burst. If it is filled with water – it will not be