There are so many kinds of sandwiches people eats around the world .some are popular , like «döner kebab» and panino ,while some are definitely worth getting to know better.

onion one small
tomato one small
garlic 5-6 cloves
olive oil 1 tablespoon
dried basil 1 tablespoon
salt 1 tablespoon
boneless chicken 6oog
harissa (according to taste) its a very hot chilli sauce
yogurt and mint sauce
pita bread 3 or 4
we used cucumber ,onion,olives and tomatoes but you can use any sallad of your choice.

make a paste of onion , tomato, garlic , olive oil, dried basil and salt with the help of mixer ,and marinate chicken with it .for about a whole night for best results or atleast 4 hours.
put theses marinated checken on a BAR bq stick ,wrap it in aluminium and bake it in the pre heated oven @ 250° celcius for about 20 minutes .
remove aluminium foil and grill it to get a beautiful brown colour of kebab, and voila ….your home made donner kebab is ready ..fill it in your pita bread with sauces and salads and enjoy.

Its a typical American sandwich, very cheap and super easy to make, consisting of ground beef cooked with tomato sauce and spices, served on a hamburger bun.
cooking oil 2 tablespoon
chopped garlic 2 tablespoon
ground beef 600g
diced capsicum half cup
diced onion half cup
tomato crushed one cup
salt according to taste
red chili powder according to taste
black pepper 1 tsp
lemon juice 2 tablespoon
cheese sleces
hamburger buns
pickled cucumbers

1:fry chopped garlic in oil until golden brown
2:ad ground beef and cook it untill it turns into a nice brown granular state.
3 .ad onion, capsicum and tomato ,cook about 5 to 6 minuts on high flame.
4. add salt red chili , pepper and lemon juice mix well and cover it with lid ,
5. turn the heat to lowest and let it cook for about 20 minutes.
spicy mince is ready , fill it in your burger bun along with cheese slice and pickled cucumber and enjoy tastiest homemade sloppy joes.

Panino sandwich is an Italian grilled sandwich that can be garnished with many different things. we are showing here the simplest one . Panino means little bread, and can thus designate any kind of sandwich ……..In this video we used
extra virgin olive oil
fresh mozzarella slices
tomato slices
its a must try can even grill it for 5 minutes before adding arugula ,to enjoy melting mozzarella and hot soft panino.

Very common streetfood in poland .Ingredients and variations for this open face sandwich are endless. its really popular and trendy today, quick, cheap, comforting and quite tasty.
Grilled half-baguette
canned mushrooms,
cheese (such as gouda, cheddar ,edam or grated mozzarella )

Mostly served as a breakfast in Pakistan .Imagine spicy sandwiches with hot tea in the morning mmmmmm..Variations for this simple and quick recipe are endless. but we showed here the most popular one .
chopped onion
choped fresh garlic
diced tomato (as small as possible)
chopped green chili
red chili powder
quantity of egg and ingredients all according to your taste .simply mix together all these ingredients make an omelette .steak two sandwich bread slices with a little butter or ghee from both sides….
sandwich that spicy omelette between these crispy n soft steaked bread and serve with hot tea.

Every kid’s love …Countless recipes and variation for ingredients.Known with different names in different countries .
in iran بستنی نانی
in israel «Kasata»
in italy Cassata,
in singapore potong

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