If you are preparing for a party, you will love this video full of super easy and delicious desserts! All these recipes are so easy that even a kid could prepare desserts. Moreover, you will find delicious dishes you can cook in a slow cooker. Check out the easiest desserts ever: Zebra cake or marble cake, ice-cream cake made with chocolate bars, chocolate decorations.
Let’s start from easy tutorials on how to decorate cakes, ice-cream, and cupcakes. Make “wax” seals to decorate cupcakes. You will need wax stamps that you can buy in craft stores. Firstly, melt the chocolate in the microwave. Take a parchment paper and make small drops of chocolate. Allow chocolate to cool a bit and place the seal on chocolate drops and press for a second.
You can make a lot of desserts in a slow cooker. In this video, you will find how to make chocolate fondue, hot chocolate and apple cake in a slow cooker. Let’s prepare a hot chocolate in a slow cooker. Mix chocolate drops, cocoa, heavy cream, vanilla, and milk. Stir and cook for several minutes. Add marshmallows and enjoy!
Learn how to make the easiest cake ever! Marble cake is an amazing combination of chocolate and vanilla cakes. You will need two plastic bottles to prepare this cake. Mix sugar, baking powder, oil, and an egg in the first bottle and same ingredients in the second bottle. One detail – add cocoa powder in the second bottle. Take a round baking tray and create a zebra stripe pattern by putting one layer on top of each other.
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01:18 Chocolate fondue in a slow cooker
01:50 Slow cooker hot chocolate
05:11 Marble cake
12:04 Ice-cream cake