I have many interesting and simple recipes for breakfast. How to make strawberry jam for sandwiches in a couple of minutes? Mash strawberries in a bowl, add lemon juice and sugar, put in a microwave.

Fried mozzarella sandwiches. Put some mozzarella between the pieces of bread, cut out a round pie with a glass. Dip this pie in eggs and deep-fry. I will show you how to cook a star-shaped scrambled eggs with sausages, how to cook breakfast in a waffle iron, how to cook an omelet with vegetables in toast.

I also have ideas for desserts: how to make condensed milk, how to make a lollipop from Сola or Fanta, how to decorate a cake with a pattern.

If you want to make a romantic dinner for your girlfriend, you need to know how to set the table. I will teach you how to fold napkins beautifully. You can serve cool mojito for dinner, I will teach you how to make a cocktail.

I also show you some useful hacks for the kitchen: how to save stale bread, how to cut vegetables without fear of cutting your fingers, how to peel a grapefruit, and other kitchen tricks.


1:19 Deep fried mozzarella sandwiches
2:28 Cake decoration
3:50 Сelery salad
5:32 Scrambled eggs with sausages
7:44 Deep fried mozzarella
9:45 Omelet in toasts