Summer is almost here and we prepared a perfect collection of lifehacks you should learn by heart. These lifehacks will make your summer much comfortable! Have fun! Check out how to reuse lid from a pack of baby wipes: use a lid to cover open sockets at home, make a box to store jewelry; create an educational game to learn different animals; make an underwear dispenser; use wipes to clean floor. Check out more cool ways to reuse lids!
— Easily repair your Flip flops using a pop tab
— Use a ziplock bag to store phone relaxing at the beach. It will save your phone from sand and water
— Save your money while relaxing in the beach – just use an empty bottle from cream or an empty shampoo bottle
— Check out how to make a summer tattoo
— Mesh laundry basket could be used to store sand-free the beach stuff
— Use the carabiner to attach flip flips to your beach bag
— One of the worst parts of summer is getting a sunburn that’s why you should always protect your skin using a sunscreen. When it happened to throw some aloe vera gel into ice cube trays and freeze it
— Find out how to easily repair your pool toys using an iron
— Use an empty pack of wipes to store valuables
— Cover your drinks using cupcake liners to keep insects out
— You will find an incredible idea to create using pool noodles! You can make a nice swimming container for your snacks and beverages
— It’s important to learn ways of keeping cool and making life just a bit easier. Watch our video and learn how to create fast soda box cooler

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00:22 Repurpose baby wipe lids
00:57 Educational game for kids
03:14 Summer lifehacks
05:09 Aloe vera gel for sunburn
07:47 Surprising use of cupcake liners