This video is full of helpful kitchen ideas that will ease your everyday life! You will learn the best way to organize your kitchen, how to cut butter, how to store fish in a ziplock bag, the quickest ways to cut and carve fruits and vegetables, how to open a can using chopsticks.
Check out tutorials how to cut and carve vegetables and fruits: use a grill rack to cut avocado really fast, hull dates using a drinking straw, make roses out of strawberries. Try a cool recipe – onion lotus. This a cool recipe that doesn’t require any effort.
Here is a selection of cool kitchen lifehacks:
— We share a surprising lifehack – cook popcorn using a flat iron
— If the butter is too cold and hard to cut, grate it instead
— Chicken breast is a perfect choice for healthy eaters as it’s full of protein. And there are a lot of ways to cook it. Try a quick recipe of chicken skewers: cut chicken breasts in strips and skewer them. After that, cut the strips between the skewers, add some spices and bake in the oven for 20 minutes
— Use a skimmer to separate egg whites and yolks
— Do you need to sharpen a knife? Take a ceramic plate and place it upside down. Hold the plate with your non-dominant hand and slowly pull the edge of a knife across the ceramic rim
— Everyone loves whipped cream in coffee and you can use French Press to make it. Fill the French press halfway with heavy cream and pump the lever up and down. Ready!
— This is an unexpected use of a clothespin – use it to pull out a hot toast from the toaster

00:16 The quickest way to cut avocado
02:56 Surprising use of clothespin
04:30 Tea bad lifehack
05:47 Cook popcorn using a flat iron
06:09 Clever way to cut frozen butter
10:29 Cool carving ideas