How to cook popcorn in a pan? Put a lot of salt in a frying pan in the form of a ring, put the corn in the center and cover with a lid. How to cut cheese without a knife, for example, if you are at a picnic? Use a credit card. How to pack a cake in plastic without damaging the cream on it? Use wooden skewers. How to roll the dough evenly? Put on rubber bands on a rolling pin. How to squeeze more juice from lime or lemon? Use the garlic press.

How to get rid of scum in the kettle? Add pieces of lemon to the water before boiling. How to clean the greasy pan? Use lemon and salt. How to unclog a clogged sink? Use baking soda. How to sharpen a grater? Use a piece of sandpaper.

I will also show you how to peel and chop vegetables quickly and how to grate a carrot without a grater.


4:50 How to decorate a cake
5:55 How to clean the pan
7:16 How to sharpen a knife
9:25 Crispy Chicken Wings