Homemade food has a lot of benefits and the first one is that it is usually much cheaper than eating at a restaurant. Moreover, quick food at home saves a lot of time. Restaurant food is usually fat and contains a lot of sugar. When you prepare food at home, you can control the freshness and quality of products. Besides, you can control the size of a portion you eat and avoid weight gain. And the main benefit is that you can spend time with your family preparing food and eating together and having fun. For example, you can prepare homemade together. We share easy tutorials on how to make different kinds of pasta. It’s a very fun process! Check out how to make different kinds of pasta from scratch: make farfalle, conchiglie, and ravioli. Don’t forget to add food coloring to make your pasta more interesting!
Check out how to make a cake out of ice-cream. Yes, it sounds crazy but you can mix melted ice-cream with self-rising flour and bake.
Watch our video and you will learn how to prepare fruit salads really fast: use whisk to peel kiwis, cut watermelon using dental floss, pit cherries using a bottle and chopsticks, watch our tutorial how to peel pomegranate very quickly. Add chocolate and you may enjoy the easy and tasty dessert. We have a surprising life hack for you – prepare popcorn using a flat iron. If you want to sharpen a knife, take a ceramic plate and place it upside down. Hold the plate with your non-dominant hand and slowly pull the edge of a knife across the ceramic rim. Cook pancakes using a bottle. Mix the ingredients, according to the recipe you like. Pour the mixture into a bottle and make prepare pancakes.

00:09 Prepare fruit salads much quicker
01:36 Cut eggs using a grill rack
03:39 Strawberry dessert
06:47 Melted ice-cream cake
08:13 Homemade pasta