New Amazing Lip Art Ideas for Girls

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We’re pretty decent at makeup, if we do say so ourselves, but there are some makeup artists out there who simply blow our minds with their skills. We can only hope to be about half as skilled as them with makeup some day! In the meantime, we’ve been dedicating time to practicing makeup on each feature of our faces lately in an attempt to really refine and perfect our skills all across the board. Just because we’re still learning, however, doesn’t mean that we can’t take some time off from classic makeup to get creative with our brushes just for fun!

Our latest obsession is lip art. Who knew there are so many stunningly creative looks you can create just on your lips alone? In the hopes of making you feel just as inspired as we have lately to try your hand at making your own lip designs, check out these Amazing Lip Art Ideas for Girls that aren’t actually all that hard to recreate!