Ganpati Lotus decoration | Eco-friendly Ganpati Decoration

To make a ganpati lotus decoration you need:

  • Pink chart paper 6 strips 5*28 cm
  • Thermocol circle 13 inch diameter
  • Red velvet paper 14 inches diameter
  • Decorative lace
  • Glue gun
  • Fevicol

Fold one of your 5*28 cm strips across. Then fold in again in the same way. And one more time. Mark the middle at the top, measure 1 cm from the bottom edge. Draw a leaf, following these marks, and cut it out. Expand the paper and you`ll receive several leaves connected with each other. Fold them, attaching a ruler. Cover your 14 inch diameter red velvet paper with 13 inch diameter thermocol. Then stick outer area of velvet paper with thermokol. Cut the extra velvet paper. Your throne base is ready. Glue the leaves to it. Cut the extra leaves and glue the second layer of lotus leaves. It will start from the middle of two leaves of the earlier strip.

Then add the third strip in the same manner. Roll the remain lotus leaves, using a pen. Add two more strips of these leaves. You should start the second layer in between of two leaves of previous layer. Add some decorative lace to cover the gape between leaves and thermocol. Add extra glue so that leaves stay at its place. Decorate outside with 1 inch decorate lace. Lotus shaped throne is ready.