To make a handmade birthday cards you need:

  • Light color A4 size greeting card paper
  • Deep color greeting card paper 19*13 cm
  • Different color paper (for making balloons)
  • Thread
  • Double sided Glue tape
  • Any kind of cartoon sticker
  • Black and white sketch pens


Take the deep color greeting card paper 19*13 cm and draw white borders on it. Cut shapes
resembling balloons and give an outline to all of the balloons using your black pen.

Draw the balloons to make them voluminous in appearance. Tie the thread to every balloon to give them a natural look of flying. Then stick all the balloons on your card, using the double-sided glue tape,
with threads down. Gather all free ends of the threads together.

Then use any kind of cute cartoon sticker and «give» it ends of the threads with balloons. Write «Happy birthday» on your birthday card with white pen. Finally, glue your card on the back side and paste it on the Light color A4 size folded greeting card paper.

Your Happy Handmade Birthday Card is ready!

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