Her Hair Is A Dream!

Our feelings towards our hair are very personal and intimate, often running very deep and associated with our sense of identity and how we wish the world to see us.  To dream of hair can often be tied to our feelings of confidence or insecurity.

If we dream of cutting or colouring our hair, it can be  sign that we are breaking away from an identity we have outgrown and trying to create a new one for ourselves, and discarding that which is no longer useful for us.  We can understand if this new direction is a positive one by looking at whether our hair is healthy, indicating a “healthy choice,” or alternatively by examining the feelings that arise in the dream.  Does changing your hair make you feel liberated and free, excited and confident, nervous or brave, younger or more mature and responsible, maybe more practical or more attractive?   We can also look at how we would describe our hair, then use those words to describe ourselves.  Is the hair in our dream unruly or easy to manage?  Is it wild, or well-groomed?  Is it tied up or flowing free?