To make a Christmas tags you need:

  • Rectangle shape red paper
  • Rectangle shape white paper (bigger then red one)
  • Black paper strip
  • Can tab
  • Red ribbon
  • Few decorative items (pearls, stones etc.)
  • Glue stick or Gum


Pass the black paper strip through the can tab, so we receive a belt with a buckle. Thencutoff the ends of the black paper strip, if they too long,wrap the «belt» around the red paper and glue it tothe red paper. Glue the back side of the red paper and paste it on the white paper.

Definite the middle at the topof your Christmas tag and make the hole there. Сut off the top corners of your Christmas tag. Glue twopearls items carefully to the red paper between the «belt» and the hole (should look like buttons on a shirt).Pass the red ribbon through the hole and tie it, so you will have two free ends of the ribbon.

Stringthree beads on the thread and sew this thread to the one of free ends of the ribbon. Do the same with the other free end of the ribbon. The Christmas tag is ready!

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