How to make CHRISTMAS TREE CARDS at home step by step

To make this Christmas Card we need:

  • White paper size 15 * 11 cm
  • White paper size 26 * 5 cm
  • Blue paper 26 * 16 cm
  • Green sheet of paper of circular shape, 18 cm in diameter
  • Circle 18 cm diameter
  • Green Glitter
  • Glue stick, fevicol
  • Cutting of Christmas Tree + trunk
  • Decorative stickers
  • Gel pen, golden pen
  • Washi tape

Take a green sheet of paper of circular shape, 18 cm in diameter. Cut it into two identical parts. Take one of these parts and bend it in half to receive a quarter of a circle. Take 30 degree from the center, using protractor, to divide this quarter of a circle into three equal parts. Fold this sheet of paper by these marks to receive a triangle. Cut out four triangles on the one side of this triangle. So when you unfold your sheet of paper, you will receive three Christmas trees, connected together.

Decorate them with decorative stickers. Draw a wavy line on a strip of white paper and cut off a piece of paper along this line. Glue the wavy white strip of paper at the bottom of a blue paper. Bend the blue sheet of paper across to receive a card. Glue a washi tape around the edges of the title page. Glue a white paper size 15 * 11 cm to the title page. Then glue a wavy blue strip of paper at the bottom of the title page. Take the cutting of Christmas Tree and spread it with adhesive around the edges. Sprinkle the Christmas tree with Green Glitter and shake, glitter should remain only on the edges.

Take the card and glue the prepared at the beginning Christmas tree to the center
of the turn. Glue the star on the top of the tree and glue snowflakes from the white paper around the tree. Write congratulations on the white strip and decorate them with stars. Glue the cutting of Christmas Tree with the trunk to the title page of the card.

Decorate the Christmas Tree with Christmas decorations. Circle the borders of the white sheet with a pencil. Decorate the title page with decorative stickers. Your Christmas Card is ready.