How to make Happy New Year Card | Happy New Year Card 2018

To make this Happy New Year Card you need:

    • Purple paper (21*30 cm)
    • Pink paper (20*30 cm)
    • Paper rose flowers – 7
    • Green paper for leaves
    • Pearl lace
    • Pencil
    • Felt-tip pen
    • Glue
    • Scissor

Bend the purple paper to make a postcard, draw the wave on the title page. Cut off a part of the title
page on this wave. Insert the pink paper into the card and circle it around the wavy line.

Cut out the edge of the pink paper over the wavy line. So you will have the same shape as the title page. Glue this shape to the title page, pushing aside so that the purple paper edges can be seen. Cut off the extra part of the pink page.

Put the remaining part of the pink paper on the bottom part of the title page of the card. Circle the pink paper along the wavy edge, so you receive the painted wave on the bottom part of the title page. Cut the wave part of the pink page and glue it to the bottom part of the title page.

Open the tittle page and write "Happy New Year" on the page turn. Use the pencil and then the felt-tip pen to decorate it. Draw several leaves on the green paper and cut them out. Let`s make
butterflies. Bend a small sheet of purple paper, draw a half of butterfly near the fold, cut it off and
expand the folded sheet.

Do the same to make several butterflies. Decorate them with the felt-tip pen.
Glue the pearl lace to the edges of the top part of the title page. Glue paper rose flowers and leaves along the wavy edge. Glue butterflies to the tittle page.

Draw balloons inside the card. Then glue the pearl lace to the bottom part of the tittle page. Your Happy New Year Card is ready!