How to make very easy Christmas Tree Card

To make Christmas Tree Card you need:

  • DesignerPaper — 29×20.5 cm
  • BluePaper — 13×19 cm
  • Greenpaper — (10×10, 8×8,6×6, 4 x4)
  • Greenpaperforleavesandredpapercherries
  • Gelpens, starsticker


At first takeonesheet of green paper. Fold it in two, then align it, flip over and fold it in two again. Turn down the corners to make a triangle. Repeat it with all green paper. After that you should fold designer paper in two to make a card. Then take a blue sheet of paper and glue it on the designer paper. Outline blue paper. Take red paper, draw little circles, cut it to make cherries. Draw leaves on green paper and cut them too. You should also cut a little grey or brown rectangle for trunk. Draw glares on the leaves and cherries using white pen. Draw garland on the card, colorize it and write “Merry Christmas” on it. Then glue your green triangles and the trunk to make a Christmas Tree. You need to glue a star on the top of the tree and leaves, cherries near the garland. Your Christmas Tree card is ready!