Side Swept Bang Tutorial by LolaMarie7

This is by far one of the best bang tutorials I’ve ever watched. I have NEVER been able to figure out how to get side swept bangs to lay against my forehead and slightly cover one eye, but this clip taught me the secret and I absolutely love the look. In fact, I included this tutorial in a post I did about styling regular bangs a few months ago, and I almost went out and cut side swept bangs that afternoon. I’m so bummed I didn’t as I probably wouldn’t be in this mess if I’d followed through!

How To Style Side Bangs by Luxy Hair

If you like side bangs, but can’t standing having them directly in your face, this look by Mimi from Luxy Hair is a great option. It adds a bit of volume and personality, and I think it’s the perfect compliment to beach waves!

Perfect Bangs, 4 Ways by ellebangs

If you’re trying to grow out your side bangs, or you just prefer to keep them longer so you can pin them away from your face, this is a great collection of ideas to keep them looking stylish. I especially like the tip of having one layer of shorter bangs and one layer of longer bangs as I feel that would give you so many fabulous styling options!