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To make the card you need:


  • Red paper size 30*21 cm
  • Green paper size 14-20 cm
  • Yellow paper 8*3 cm
  • Red paper («Teacher» written on it) 7*2 cm
  • 7 strips of different color 8*2 cm
  • Gel pen
  • White marker
  • Stickers
  • Pencil
  • Scissor

Take a red sheet of paper and bend it crosswise to receive a card. Glue the green sheet of paper to the title page. Glue the yellow strip of paper to the top of the title page, then paste the red strip of paper on it. Circle the borders of red and orange strips with pencil. Glue the seven strips of different color with teacher`s characteristics on them to the title page. Glue them in a staggere manner just beyond the outer edges.

The characteristics are: Talented, Elegant, Awesome, Cheerful, Hardworking,
Efficient, Remarkable. Decorate the top orange paper strip with decorative stickers.