Pop up Christmas Card making tutorial, DIY, Handmade, Making Ideas, Designs

To make pop up Christmas Card you need:

    • Dark blue paper (21*15 cm)
    • Sky blue paper (14*20 cm)
    • Sky blue paper (14*10 cm)
    • White strip (3*20 cm)
    • Yellow paper (13*9 cm)
    • Stickers
    • Washi Tape
    • Cutting of tree shape
    • Green paper for tree
    • Scissor

Fold the dark blue paper and sky blue paper (14*20 cm) in half across.

Expand the sheet of sky blue paper with the folded side to the right and apply the marks from bottom: 1 cm, 4,5 cm, 7,5 cm, 10 cm, 12 cm.

Draw a 6-cm line parallel to the lower border of the sheet from the bottom mark. Then connect the left edge of this line with the upper mark, so you receive the triangle.
Connect each mark with the oblique line by parallel to each other lines. Mark 1 cm on each
parallel line, except bottom line, from oblique line. Mark 0,5 cm on the top line.

Connect all thismarks with the left end of the bottom line, so you will receive the Christmas Tree. Now start scoring these lines to fold them easily. Make incisions along parallel lines and fold the paper
along the scored lines.

Then unfold the paper and put it on the green paper. Scoring to get the line impression on the bottom paper. Cut green paper from scoring impression. Bend the tree on a blue sheet with a convex side to the clean side of the sheet and glue the green shapes of the tree on it. Bend the paper-tree to yourself. Glue the free parts of blue paper to the dark blue paper.

Cut out a one-side wavy line from the white strip. Glue it to the sky blue paper under the
tree to make snow.

Draw new year decorations, glue stickers to the middle of each decoration.
Use the washi tape to make Christmas gifts under the Christmas Tree, draw them. Glue the star
on the top of the tree.

Decorate the Christmas Tree with stickers. Close the card. Glue the Sky blue paper (14*10 cm) on the title page, and then the yellow paper.

Glue the cutting of tree shape to it, decorate it with the star and stickers. Your Christmas Card is ready!