Teachers Day Greeting Card Designs Handmade

To make Teachers Day Greeting Card You need:

  • A4 size paper
  • One chocolate bar
  • One circle of pink color
  • One square shape cutting
  • Few decorative stickers and stars
  • Different color sketch pens
  • One paper for your super teacher dress
  • Glue stick
  • Both side tape
  • Purple paper for mask


Take grey paper and fold it in two. Draw 4 side border at the distance of 2 cm from each side. Write “My super teacher” on a purple square. Paste a purple strip on a pink circle to make a mask. Draw eyes, mouse and hair. Keep the chocolate in the middle of orange paper, fold the paper and paste it to make a dress for your super teacher. Paste purple square with “My super teacher” on it, then paste some stars and your paper head. Paste your super teacher on the carb with both side tape and write some wishes. It`s ready!