To make this cool Teachers Day Pop Up Card you need:

  • Pink paper 23×13 cm
  • Blue paper 21×16 cm
  • Yellow paper (for book) 8×6 cm
  • Decorative stickers
  • Different colors sketch pens
  • Glue stick


Take yellow paper and fold it in two Draw a book. Cut extra paper to get proper book shape. Take blue paper and fold it in two. Paste the book in the center of blue sheet. Cut some extra paper under the book. Fold the paper as you can see in this video. This is really important step. Now you should write your wishes, paste some stickers. Take pink paper and fold it in two. Paste the blue paper on the pink paper properly. Draw 4 side border to your card at the distance of 1 cm. Write wishes, paste stickers. Give it an outline to make it standout. Your card is ready!