How to make new year magic card

To make New Year magic card you need:

  • Red paper 21×14 cm, 22×14 cm
  • Designer paper 14×15 cm
  • Compass or divider
  • Purple color paper A4 size
  • Green paper 13×20 cm, 13.5×14 cm
  • Designer paper 12.5×5 cm
  • Designer paper 12.5×13 cm
  • Balloons cutting, watch drawing, decorative stickers, double-side tape, sketch pens, paper flowers, scissors, cutter


Take red paper 21×14 cm, mark at 6.5 cm from two corners. Score these marks and fold the paper. Glue green paper 13.5×14 cm on the red paper, then glue 12.5×13 designer paper. Upend the paper and draw a circleradius 3 cm near the fold. Then cut this circle to make a hole. Take 22×14cm red paper and fold it in two to make a card. Take green paper 13×20 cm, fold it in two and glue on the red paper. Repeat it with designer paper 12.5×19.5 cm. Cut 2 circles as you can see in the video. Take purple paper and draw 3 circles radius 4 cm and 3 circles inside of them radius 3 cm. Cut these circles, then cut them with shaped shares. Glue them on each hole in the card. Glue two parts of the card as you can see in this video. Take designer paper 14×15 cm and fold the paper about 1 cm from the edge, glue it on the card like in this video. Draw circles on the red paper and on the white paper. Glue watch drawing on the white paper and draw some details. You should glue balloons on the red paper and write “Happy New Year” on them. Glue some stickers, paper flowers and other details. Your card is ready!