Very Easy New Year Card Idea | How to make Frog Pop Up Card

To make Frog Pop Up Card (realy very easy New Year card idea) you need:

  • Green paper
  • Pencil marks
  • Yellow paper


Take sheet of green paper, fold it in two, then draw one side shape of frog as you can see in this video. Cut it. While cutting, keep a narrow distance from the pencil mark. When you cut it, you will see complete frog. Draw the outline and eyes with sketch pen. Fold your frog in two and turn down the corners of its mouse. Now frog can open and close it. Take sheet of yellow paper and fold it in two to make a card. Glue the frog inside the card. Colorize its eyes, draw some bees. Frog pop up card is ready! It’s realy very Easy New Year Card Idea!